A Miner’s Dilemma Walkthrough

This is a short side quest that is definitely worth doing because of the rewards. All you need to do is fetch / steal / purchase a whetstone for one of the miners in Quarrycrest.

You will find the miner in question in the northern part of Quarrycrest. He is asking you to find a whetstone that can sharpen his pickaxe.

To find the whetstone, go to Goldshore and enter the northern district. Here you will find a Stonemonger, in front of the store on the left.

If you have Therion or Tressa in your party, steal or purchase the whetstone, whichever way you prefer.

Bring it back to the miner in Quarrystone and he’ll reward you with some money and two nuts – a quick, permanent stat boost for 5 minutes of work!


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