The Prodigious Painting Walkthrough

octopath-traveler-landscape-artistHere is another quick walkthrough for one of Octopath Traveler‘s many sidequests.

This one starts and ends in Atlasdam.

It’s an easy quest with a big reward.

And it doesn’t even require much work.

All it needs is a little bit of travel, and either Therion or Tressa.

So let’s get started!

How To Finish “The Prodigious Painting”

Make sure you have Therion or Tressa in your party. The quest involves the acquisition of a painting from the Landscape Artist in East Saintsbridge Traverse.


If you want the maximum reward and don’t mind safe-scumming a little bit (or a lot, depending on your luck), go with Therion. Otherwise you can use Tressa.

Head out into East Saintsbridge Traverse and follow the road to the signpost right next to the safepoint. Right on the same screen, just a little bit south of the crossroads, you can see an NPC.

This is the Landscape Artist that we are looking for.  We want to either steal or purchase his Final Masterpiece.


Which method you choose is up to you, but stealing it might require a lot of reloading. Luckily the safepoint is nearby!

Once you have it, head to Atlasdam Palace.

There you will find the Art Lover, right next to the entrance. Talk to him and hand over the painting.


Not bad for a few minutes of travel!



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