Up to No Good Sidequest

octopath-traveler-up-to-no-good-tallToday we’ll have a quick look at another sidequest in Octopath Traveler.

Like a lot of the other quests, this one can be solved in different ways.

I found that the easiest (and nicest) way involves either Allure or Guide.

But you could also solve it with brute force using Challenge or Provoke.

Starting the “Up to No Good” Sidequest

To get started, head to Stonegard. There you want to go to the zone in the east, called Stonegard Valleys. In the south-western corner you will find the Elderly Shopkeeper. When you talk to him, he will complain about a few ruffians who are pestering the town.


You now have several options. You could challenge or provoke the ruffian, Tobias.

Or you could try to help him out. To do this, fast-travel to Sunshade. There, from the entrance, walk west and talk to the Amnesiac Girl.


Afterwards, allure/guide her (so you need either Primrose or Ophelia), and travel back to the Elderly Shopkeeper in Stonegard.

Once you approach the ruffian, a short dialog will start, re-uniting the two.


Finally it’s time to collect your reward. Not bad for a few minutes of traveling!


Liked this guide? Make sure to check back for other tips and walkthroughs, like the one I just posted for the Untouched Sanctum dungeon!


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