Untouched Sanctum Monument Guide

octopath-traveler-untouched-sanctum-monument-tallIf you’re like me then you probably went to all the dungeons you could find in Octopath Traveler.

So you stumbled upon the Untouched Sanctum early on.

You’ve probably been wondering what that monument was all about.

And you’ve been having sleepless nights ever since.

Like many sidequests in Octopath traveler, the quest involving the ancient monument is not immediately obvious. So here is a quick walkthrough.

Start in Cobblestone

The sidequest for the ancient monument in the Untouched Sanctum actually starts not far from the dungeon. The NPC you should talk to in order to get started is in Cobblestone, and the Untouched Sanctum is only two zones away.


Fast travel to Cobblestone and find Noelle standing in front of her house. Talk to her and she will tell you how interested she is in ancient stuff like what we can find in the Sanctum.


Now the non-obvious part: You can use Ophilia’s “Guide” path action or Primrose’s “Allure“. (I prefer Allure).

Cobblestone Allure Noelle

Convince Noelle to follow you, then head out the lower exit to South Cobblestone Gap and follow the signposts to North Cobblestone Gap.

Allure Noelle

Finding the Entrance

To find the entrance to the Untouched Sanctum, follow the path in North Cobblestone Gap north-east as if you were going to Rippletide. Half-way through the zone there is a hidden spot in between the rocks that you can walk through. The entrance to the Untouched Sanctum is right behind it.

North Cobblestone Gap Untouched Sanctum

The Monument

Once inside, keep to the right side of the map to make your way to the south-eastern corner. Once you interact with the monument, Noelle will give a short speech about ancient erections (ti-hi-hi).

Ancient Erection

And reward you with a nut and some money… leaves… or whatever.


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