How to Switch Character

octopath-traveler-character-selection-smallLet’s have a quick look at how you can switch characters in Octopath Traveler.

Do you want to change some of your party members or their class?

Once you have unlocked the character or class, this can be done very quickly.

Let’s first go through where to unlock each character.

If you have already unlocked all of them, skip to How to Switch Characters.

Also make sure to check out the end of the post to learn about a great party composition!

How to Unlock the Other Characters

All characters are unlocked by visiting their starting locations and talking to them. This will give you the choice of playing through their first story chapter, part of which can be skipped if you want to. Their starting locations are marked on the world map.

Once you find the character you want, talk to them and agree to help them with their story. They will join your party immediately.

How to Switch Characters

If you want to change one of your party members, you can easily do so in any town.

First find the tavern. Luckily every town has one. In some of the larger settlements, the tavern might not be in the same zone you are in after you enter the town, so you might have to look for it.


Then talk to the barkeeper. They will give you several options, like continuing with your story, clearing your reputation and of course changing your party.


Once you select to change your party, you can switch out characters in your active party (on the right) for characters on the left.


The only one that cannot be changed is your starting character. Once you have finished your main character’s story all the way to the end, you will be able to switch them out, too.

How to Change Class

While you cannot change a characters primary class (or profession), there are up to 12 secondary professions that you can unlock.

Once you move on to the chapter 2 settlements, you will find shrines along the way. Typically the shrine near a characters starting location will be for that particular profession. So the Cleric shrine is near Ophilia’s starting town, and so on.

Shrine of the Thief

All of these places are safe. You simply have to interact with the shrine and will automatically unlock the associated profession. The shrines’ names tell you the secondary job class they will unlock, according to the list below:

  • Shrine of the Sage: Scholar
  • Shrine of the Flamebringer: Cleric
  • Shrine of the Huntress: Hunter
  • Shrine of the Prince of Thieves: Thief
  • Shrine of the Healer: Apothecary
  • Shrine of the Lady of Grace: Dancer
  • Shrine of the Thunderblade: Warrior
  • Shrine of the Trader: Merchant

Where to Find the Shrines

All the secondary job shrines are in the zones leading to the chapter 2 towns. Once you are in that zone, they will show on your minimap with the following symbol:

Octopath Taveler Shrine Symbol

Shrine of the Sage: Scholar

Found in Western Noblecourt Flats, which lies between Flamesgrace, Atlasdam and Noblecourt. You will find the entrance in the south-east corner of the map.



Shrine of the Flamebringer: Cleric

The Shrine of the Flamebringer is in Western Stillsnow Wilds, just between Stillsnow and Victor’s Hollow. You can reach the entrance at the southern end of the zone.


Shrine of the Huntress: Hunter

The Huntress shrine is very close to the Flamebringer Shrine, just outside of Victor’s Hollow on the East Victor’s Hollow Trail. To find it, walk north-east from the town entrance.



Shrine of the Prince of Thieves: Thief

The Shrine of the Prince of Thieves is in the south-west area of the South Quarrycrest Pass zone, just outside Quarrycrest itself. You can also get there from Bolderfall or Clearbrook, following the signposts to Quarrycrest.


Shrine of the Healer: Apothecary

The Apothecary shrine is just outside of Saintsbridge in the eastern part of East Saintsbridge Traverse. You can also get there from from Sunshade or Clearbrook through the South Clearbrook Traverse to East Saintsbridge Traverse.


Shrine of the Lady of Grace: Dancer

Another Shrine in the south, this one is located between Sunshade, Cobblestone and Wellspring, in the Northern Wellspring Wildlands. Look for it in the western part of the zone, to acquire the Dancer secondary job class.


Shrine of the Thunderblade: Warrior

Between Cobblestone, Rippletide and Stonegard, hidden in the mountains of the North Stonegard Pass, you can find the Warrior Shrine.


Shrine of the Trader: Merchant

And nearby the Warrior shrine, but following the path to Moonstruck Coast from North Stonegard Pass, lies the Shrine of the Trader.


Now you know how to switch characters, unlock secondary jobs and switch your party’s classes. If you need help finding a great character combination, have a look at this guide to the best starting team in Octopath Traveler. Check back soon for a guide to the 4 hidden subclasses!


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