The Axe Murderer Strategy

Alfyn Golden AxeNeed help with Octopath Traveler battles? Some of the fights can be a bit challenging. However there is one strategy that you can use almost from the start. All you need is Alfyn, Primrose, preferably Tressa, and a good axe. 💪🤯

Not sure where to find an axe? Check out this guide for how to get the Golden Axe, one of the best weapons in the first chapter.

The best thing about this strategy is that’s it’s quite simple and works well against bosses and whole groups of enemies.

Of course you can swap out any of the above characters for someone you like more as soon as you have the secondary jobs unlocked. For example you could take Therion and give him the Dancer subclass and use him instead of Primrose. Check back for a guide on how to get the different subclasses soon!

Now on to the strategy!


Alfyn will need two things to make this work.

  • Amputation: Deals heavy single target damage.
  • Last Stand: Deals heavy damage against all foes. The lower Alfyn’s health the more damage he will dish out.
  • Golden Axe: Ideally you want to get the Golden Axe, but you can substitute it with any good axe with high attack bonus if you find one.

That’s really all you need to get the main character of this strategy ready, but giving him as much physical damage, accuracy or critical strike items as you can will also help.

Primrose (or any Dancer subclass) will need her Lion Dance skill. This will boost Alfyn’s physical damage significantly for two turns. +Speed items help to make sure she gets to use her buff before Alfyn’s turns.

Tressa (or any Merchant subclass) should bring her Donate BP skill. This will let you transfer her boost points to Alfyn. Again, +Speed gears would be helpful.

If you have those skills, then you have all the pieces you need.

How to pull it off – a simple walkthrough:

Generic Encounters:

  1. Primrose will likely go first due to her high speed so she can buff Alfyn right away. If you boost the Lion Dance, it will last additional turns.
  2. Tressa should transfer BP to Alfyn every turn. Boost her Donate ability to transfer more BP.
  3. Break enemies’ shields on your 4th character if you get a chance.
  4. Alfyn’s fully boosted Last Stand, if facing multiple enemies, Amputation if facing a single target.

This will end most fights, or wipe out all weaker enemies and leave you with one or two weakened monsters that you can finish off easily. You’ll also get a lot of XP bonuses for finishing the fight quickly and without getting hit, if you are lucky.

Boss Fights:

Boss fights follow pretty much the same pattern. Because they last much longer though, you don’t want to waste your boosts. So your priorities will look more like this:

  1. Keep Lion Dance up on Alfyn at all times.
  2. Keep donating BP to Alfyn.
  3. Get the boss’ shield low, so you can break it when the boss tries to use a charged up ability. Those are often likely to cause a party wipe so it’s good to be ready to interrupt them.
  4. Break and kill any adds. You can use Last Stand for this but keep Alfyn’s BP close to max.
  5. Time amputation so you can hit with full BP during the phase the boss’ shield is broken.

It will take some care to manage the vulnerabilities and shields correctly, which is key to any boss fight. The adds should die quickly to Last Stand and your other characters’ attacks, and Amputation will do the rest.

Ouch! Fully buffed Amputation on a vulnerable and debuffed boss.

Advanced Strategy

Once you have unlocked some secondary jobs you will get more freedom who to bring in which role. You will also have some additional skills to make this strategy even more powerful. Let’s look at some of them:

Alfyn as Apothecary/Warrior

Once you’ve unlocked the Warrior subclass, Alfyn gains access to a few interesting skills.

  • Incite: Provoke enemies to attack Alfyn. Not only will this help you keep your other characters alive, it will also boost your Last Stand damage by making sure Alfyn is at low health. It helps to give him some +HP items. You should also throw some heals at him every now and then when his health falls too low.
  • Stout Wall: Increase Alfyn’s defense when tanking.

Primrose as Dancer/Thief

  • Steal SP: With this ability you can use Primrose (or any other Thief) to steal SP from enemies whenever she is in between buff cycles. This ability depends on the damage dealt, so I recommend getting Primrose a good set of daggers. Especially strong when combined with:
  • Share SP: Send a share of your SP to an ally. Last Stand needs 16 SP, and having SP infused by Primrose let’s Alfyn focus on dealing damage instead of chugging Inspiriting Plums. Bonus tip: You can boost Share SP in order to transfer more SP than Primrose actually has.
  • Armor Corrosive: Put this on a boss and watch Alfyn’s axe wreck even more havoc.

Full Party Suggestion

If you’ve followed my earlier suggestion from my article about The Best Party in Octopath Traveler, you probably already have Cyrus, Primrose, Tressa and Alfyn in your team. I suggest to set them up like this:

  • Alfyn: Apothecary/Warrior as described above. Focus on physical attack/defense and use him as tank and Axe Murderer.
  • Cyrus: Scholar/Cleric. Focus on elemental attack and spec into Fire Storm/Blizzard/Lightning Blast. This will significantly increase damage output and at the same time help with breaking shields of entire enemy groups. Once you get access to the Cleric subclass, you can use him a strong healer in between nukes. You will also get access to Light damage.
  • Primrose: Dancer/Thief. Because her buffs can last for a couple of rounds, you can gain a lot from her various support skills. Not only will she be able to help provide the only source of Dark damage, but the additional Thief skills provide strong debuffs.
  • Tressa: Merchant/Huntress. Give her a strong bow and Arrowstorm and you will find yourself with yet another AOE powerhouse. Her primary job will still be boosting your other party members though.

Of course you can substitute any of those characters for someone else with the same subclass, once you have unlocked them all. I will post a guide on how to unlock the secondary classes, soon.

And if you need help getting the Golden Axe, this quick video should help you out:

Like this guide? It would help me a lot if you share it with your friends. I’ll be posting multiple guides and walkthroughs each week. If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, feel free to leave them below. 🙂


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