Twin Falls Dungeon & Monarch Boss Guide

One of the first dungeons you will encounter in Octopath Traveler is Twin Falls. It is a level 20 area right between Clearbrook and Sunshade, so if you are hoping to go there you should already be close to level 20 or have very good gear.

The main enemies you’ll encounter here are River Froggen, River Flies, Warrior Wasps, Shadow Bats and Blood Vipers, and I’ve listed all their vulnerabilities below. They all come in groups of four to five, with one or two stronger enemies with up to 1500 HP, and a few weaker ones. Their damage output is not very dangerous though. I recommend getting Alfyn with the Golden Axe to beat the encounters easily.

River Froggen

Shadow Bats and Blood Vipers

River Flies and Warrior Wasps

The Monarch

The main challenge in Twin Falls however is the Monarch, a level 20 boss that triggers when you reach the north end of the cave. To get there quickly from the entrance simply take the left path.

The Monarch has 9000 HP, 10 Shield, and is vulnerable only to Spears, Bows and Shadow. While not listed as a vulnerability, the Monarch takes a lot of damage from Poison, and easy access to it will make the fight a lot easier.

Fortunately the Monarch doesn’t deal a lot of damage. It does however frequently cast Sleep and Unconsciousness on the entire group, so be prepared to deal with that.

The rewards for the fight itself are not very great, but there is one chest directly next to the boss, and another hidden chest when following the path behind the boss to the right. Don’t miss out on it, the chest contains 5000 gold. See the image below for where the group should be heading in order to find it.

Locked Chest

There is another chest in Twin Falls that is easily reached when following the right path from the entrance. You do however need Therion in your party in order to unlock it. It contains a rare staff.

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Video Walkthrough


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