Easy Gold Farming

If you need some gold in Octopath Traveler but don’t want to go farm for it, there are a few very easy methods to make a lot of gold quickly without much effort. Of course there are better gold farm methods in Octopath Traveler but nothing quite this easy.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the two best characters to farm gold are Tressa the Merchant and Therion the Thief.


Gold farming with Tressa is incredible easy but also very boring. Did you know that Tressa’s Path Action lets her find gold every time you zone into a map? You might already guess where I’m going with this, but there is a small catch. The amount of gold (and if you get any gold at all) depends on how far you’ve moved (and/or how much time you spent) before zoning.

To use this method to farm a bit of gold quickly, just zone into any map, run around for a short time (you can time it so you don’t run into an encounter, a few seconds is enough), then run back to the entrance and zone into the other map, rinse and repeat. You’ll get a few hundred gold every time you zone.


This gold farm is a lot more lucrative than Tressa’s, but has a certain limit to how much you can get. However especially when starting out hits method can get you a big gold boost. Simply go through each city and steal every item you can. Most of them will fetch a good price when selling them back to merchants – and some of them are incredibly useful as starting weapons and armor. Make sure to save the game before attempting to steal any items with low chance, so you can just reload and try again without paying the fine.

Did you find any other gold farms? Let us know in the comments!


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