The Best Character Combination in Octopath Traveler

Curious to know what the best possible group in Octopath Traveler is? Let’s walk through the options and look at several example team compositions that are likely to stand out.

With eight characters to choose from and even more subclasses, the possibilities are endless. While many will prefer to play the characters they like best, it’s important to find some kind of synergy between them.

You will also want to bring as many different path actions as possible to avoid having to swap out characters all the time.

So what are the options?


She starts out as the strongest healer with very strong defensive stats, the largest SP pool in the game and easy access to light damage. She shares her path action with Primrose, but doesn’t bring a lot else to the table. That makes it even more important to pick a strong subclass for her.

Cleric/Dancer: Giving Ophilia the dancer subclass will grant her access to dark magic as well as some really good support skills. This is a strong option for starting out, especially if you are not planning on including Primrose in your party.

Cleric/Scholar: Considering her strong SP pool, making her a scholar will boost her offensive capabilities a bit while giving her access to a lot more elemental damage types. This also gives her something to do when there is no healing necessary and will make fights go faster.

Cleric/Augur: Going this route will give Ophilia even more healing skills and some additional offensive spells, but it’s not an option for the start of the game.


Cyrus is a strong magic damage dealer and has access to fire, water and lightning spells with very strong AOE damage. He’s a good option for any team and quite versatile.

Scholar/Cleric: Similar to Ophilia’s option, just the other way around. This way he’ll be more offensive than she would be thanks to higher base stats while still giving access to both offensive and healing spells. His “Study Foe” is also a very strong talent to bring.

Scholar/Merchant: Adding wind magic and the Collect/Hired Help goodness that the otherwise mediocre Tressa would bring. A strong option with a lot of variety and bringing his weapon types up to three.

Scholar/Apothecary: Since Alfyn is Cyrus’ counter-part, taking his subclass will let you skip Alfyn without losing access to his path action. It doesn’t add much in the way of additional weapon/spell types though, but gives some healing and support.

Scholar/Enchanter: More elemental spells! Instead of augmenting Cyrus’ repertoire with support skills or healing, why not just go full out mage and do what he does best? A very strong option once you have Enchanter unlocked.


She comes with some of the most mediocre stats in the game, making her a jack-of-all-trades but master-of-none. This also means that she’s one of the most versatile classes and you can probably go any way with her, if you decide to bring her.

Merchant/Dancer: Access to more weapon types and some nice support skills.

Merchant/Hunter: This combination would make her a very strong bow user, and since her stats lean slightly towards physical offense, going this route will play a bit more towards her strengths than other options.


Olberic is THE physical damage dealer in the game and the best tank if you are looking to bring one. Unfortunately that also makes him less versatile than other characters, and he is often skipped. Despite that there are still very good options if you want to include him in your team.

Warrior/Hunter: More weapon choices and more offensive stats, improving on this strengths rather than spreading him out too thin. Probably the best option early on.

Warrior/Thief: Again adding another damage type (daggers) and some very strong utility. One interesting option here is of course the Life Steal, making him an even stronger tank.

Warrior/Warlord: A no-brainer, but again reserved for the mid-game once you’ve unlocked the Warlord subclass. Granting access to all the weapon types and additional attack abilities.


A fan-favorite, Primrose will likely be part of most teams. She has decent magic attack stats, good evasion and the highest speed in the game. This lets her often go first and use her buffs right away, or allow you to pull of the double-stun trick (breaking your opponent before it is their turn to act).

Dancer/Scholar: More elemental attacks creates great synergy with her stats and will give her a large variety of damage types.

Dancer/Merchant: Same as Dancer/Scholar in principle, but slightly less offensive capability.

Dancer/Enchanter: Same as Dancer/Scholar, but for the mid-game.

Dancer/Rune Master: Since she’s already one of the strongest buffers in the game, this will just add more skills to her bag of tricks.


Another fan-favorite, and a very well-rounded character. His Concoction talent is one of the most fun combat mechanics and at the same time makes him a strong healer and supporter. He also has strong physical stats and is a beast with a good axe.

Apothecary/Warrior: To improve his physical stats and give a few more weapon options. If you go this route then you’ll likely want to switch to
Apothecary/Warlord later on.

Apothecary/Merchant: The ultimate Jack-of-all-Trades, but stronger than Tressa.

Apothecary/Rune Master: Giving him access to another weapon type and additional support in the mid-game.


Therion should be in your team at the start if for no other reason than getting very good gear through Stealing. If you are willing to save-spam that is, because most of the good gear will have a very low chance of success early on. His SP steal is also very interesting and can help you set up attacks for your stronger damage dealers.

Thief/Warrior: Giving him more weapon options and increasing his physical stats. Similar to:

Thief/Huntress: But with a bit more focus on added damage than as a Warrior.

Thief/Warlord: For the same reasons as above, but for the mid-game.


A strong bow user, plus capturing beasts is fun. Unfortunately it’s hard to find a spot for her in a lot of groups, but she has very strong offensive stats.

Hunter/Warrior, Hunter/Thief: Both of these work well, and since she’s a physical damage dealer they both make sense. Thief adds a bit more support though.

Hunter/Warlord: The best option for her when going full offense.

Stat Distribution

I suggest to refer to the graphic below for an overview of the various starting stats. Keep in mind that your subclass choices will affect the stats.

Octopath Traveler Character Stat Distributions
credit to just_a_dreamer on Reddit

Party Compositions

So what’s the verdict? What’s the single best group in Octopath Traveler? (Un-)fortunately, there is none, but you probably saw this answer coming. There are simply too many options and combinations to choose from for one of them to stick out. I suggest you play the characters you like the most, augment them with interesting subclasses, and switch out characters when you feel it’s necessary. Having said that, there is a really good tool over at that you can use to experiment. Make sure to cover as many damage types and path actions as possible, while still taking your favorite characters into your party, and don’t be afraid to change everything around later on in the game.

Having said that, here is a well-rounded group I plan to start out with. Note that it’s lacking one path action, but since that one is mostly needed in towns, it will be easy to swap it in when needed.

Alfyn: Apothecary/Warrior – Early on he’ll deal a lot of physical damage, especially because I’m getting him the Golden Axe. He can also heal when necessary.
Primrose: Dancer/Thief – Decent physical damage with a few critical buffs, which will mainly be used on Alfyn.
Cyrus: Scholar/Cleric – Heavy Nuker. Cleric is just to cover all the bases, with healing only for emergencies.
Tressa: Merchant/Huntress – Despite her less-than-ideal starting stats, I actually like her and will keep her around as another physical damage dealer / support character with strong bow skills.

Octopath Traveler Group

Here’s how this party performs during the first 30 levels.


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