How to get the Golden Axe – Best Weapon for Starting Out!

There is a weapon you can get early on in Octopath Traveler that is almost ten times better than any other starting weapon. Here is a quick video showing how to get the Golden Axe from Alfyn’s village. This is probably the best weapon you can get quite easily early on and will give you a huge advantage for starting out. See the end of the video for the kind of damage numbers Alfyn can get with his Amputate skill using this weapon.

– Make sure to have H’aanit and Therion in your party
– Ideally you should use H’aanit to capture a few beasts with Sword attacks (like the Forest Foxes outside her starting zone)
– Go to Clearbrook (Alfyn’s starting village)
– Ignore Alfyn for now
– Save the game
– Use H’aanit’s Provoke ability on the lady blocking the door of the house at the village entrance.
– During the fight, use the Forest Fox to break the shield, then use a charged up attack with any of your pets to finish her off. She will sometimes heal herself, just keep going. Heal yourself using your Mossy Meep if necessary.
– Once the door is free, you may want to save again in case you need too many attempts to steal the axe.
– Enter the house and use Therion to try to steal the Golden Axe. (Ignore the other axe)
– If you fail too often you have two choices: Either re-load the game and try again, or run to the tavern just north from where you are and pay 2000 gold to restore your reputation, then try again.
– The chance to loot the axe is very low, so this might take a while.

Once you have it, you might want to proceed to follow the very effective Axe Murderer Strategy!

By the way, if you are wondering which character to give the axe to and which character’s to group up with, check out the Best Character Combinations for Octopath Traveler.


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