Octopath Traveler Beginner Guide

With Octopath Traveler coming out in less than a week, here are some helpful tips and tricks to get started off on the right foot and help you beat some of the roadblocks you might face early on.

General Tips & Tricks

  • There are chests in most zones. Try to reach as many as you can as they typically contain consumables which will help you in harder fights. To get to these chests you sometimes have to find hidden passages. To do this you can walk along the edges of paths until you find an opening.
  • Don’t be afraid to use consumables often. You have plenty of opportunity to find or buy more.
  • The character you choose to start the game with will be the only one that you cannot swap out of your party, so try to choose someone you know you’ll want to stick with.
  • Once you finish your first character’s intro story, move around the inner ring of the map to meet and unlock the other characters. Their story bosses will get progressively harder, so be prepared for a ramp up in difficulty for the third and fourth bosses you encounter.
  • Use summons as much as possible. Primrose and Ophilia can use their path actions to recruit NPCs as followers. Most of these NPCs are surprisingly strong (such as old ladies whose bow attacks can decimate several enemies at once). The path action and the in-combat summon menu will tell you how often you can summon that NPC before you have to recruit another one.
  • In general, path actions are free and can let you gain useful information, shop discounts, hidden items, or followers. So use them often.
  • Sometimes you will encounter chests that you cannot open. Once you recruit Therion into your party, come back to them and he should be able to unlock them.
  • You can use Theron’s Steal or Cyrus’ Scrutinize to get access to a lot of powerful gear early on. Just keep in mind that you will get a reputation hit in the town where you use them and might have to pay off the local innkeeper to restore it.
  • Make sure to pick a new skill every few levels as you gain more skill points. Every few skills you gain will also unlock a utility skill, so make sure to check the utility skill menu once the skill interface tells you that you unlocked a new one.
  • Zones have different “danger levels“. While you won’t survive long in higher areas, winning a fight in a slightly higher level zone early on will give you a large experience boost.
  • If you have extra gold to spend, buy some better weapons, armor and trinkets in the shops. It does make a difference and you won’t find a lot of equipment early on.

Combat Guide

  • Every turn your characters will receive one boost point (BP), which you can use  to power up attacks. BPs carry over to following turns if you have not used them.
  • Every enemy has specific weaknesses, such as being vulnerable to sword attacks, fire and lightning. Some enemies only have three weaknesses while others can have up to five. It’s important to assemble a party that can cover a wide range of weaknesses.
  • Continuing the above bullet point, every enemy will have a shield with a number next to their weaknesses. Every time you use an attack they are weak against, it will remove one point from this number. When it reaches 0, they will be stunned for one turn and receive additional damage with follow-up attacks. Bosses will typically have a high number of shield points.
  • When encountering new enemies for the first time, try to find out their weaknesses as soon as possible.
  • You will get bonus XP for winning encounters without taking damage, so finding a good rotation to stun-lock enemies will pay off.
  • Most abilities that hit multiple enemies will also trigger their weaknesses, so if you’re facing three enemies that are vulnerable to sword attacks, Olberic’s Level Slash can stun them all at once.
  • Save your boost points for powerful chain attacks when the enemy is vulnerable. Nothing is worse than using a 5-boost attack into an enemy that doesn’t even hit an enemy’s weakness.
  • In some situations it’s better to save boost points to break an enemy’s shield. Bosses usually have a high number of shield and might require several boosted attacks to break.
  • When setting up chain attacks, pay attention to the bar at the top of the screen which shows the order that characters can take their turns in.
  • Bosses can unleash powerful attacks that take a few turns to charge up and can be devastating to your party. Breaking their shield during this time will interrupt their power-up and stun them, so it is vital so save some boost points to save yourself from these attacks.
  • There can be a lot of synergy between characters and their abilities, and sometimes you may have to swap characters out of your party to adjust to enemy weaknesses.
  • Try to use healing abilities before stun phases if necessary, or use buffs such as Primrose’s Lion Dance to power up your party before getting ready for a powerful chain.


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