Octopath Traveler Release on Nintendo Switch

    Octopath Traveler is just around the corner! The long-awaited turn-based RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 13th 2018 with two editions to choose from.

    The story-heavy Nintendo Switch exclusive (at least for now?) should be a dream-come-true for those nostalgic of the good old 16-bit era and Square Enix classics such as the Final Fantasy series. With a perfect mix of pixel art and modern graphics and a unique party system with 8 different characters to team up with, Octopath Traveler is shaping up to be one of this year’s blockbuster titles on the Switch.

    You can already play the time-limited prologue demo on the Switch right now to try out the different characters and play through their backstories. Each one has completely different class abilities, strengths, weaknesses and playstyle. Any progress you make during the demo even carries over to the full game once it launches later this month. You can download the demo from the Nintendo Shop.

    As mentioned, the game comes in two editions: Standard and Wayfarer. The special Wayfarer Edition contains the game cartridge, an 8-page pop-up book featuring the characters and their origins, a two-sided cloth map of the game world, the Octopath Traveler™: Sound Selections CD, and a replica coin of the in-game currency. You can get both through Amazon using our handy links below.
    Update July 10th: Amazon now also has the Octopath Traveler Wayfarer Edition back in stock!


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